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Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition by Nippon Craft Beer

by Rob
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Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition is Nippon Craft Beer’s take on their Far Yeast Tokyo White beer with added yeast specifically designed for weizen beers and with the addition of Citra hops.  It’s hard to know whether this is really a different beer than that one but Nippon Craft Beer felt it was different enough to warrant a special release event for it. On sale from June 12th, it’s a 5.5% hefeweizen on sale for a limited time only.

Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition
How much this differs really does depend on your sense of taste.
Far Yeast Tokyo White
Yeast is lively, but didn't know it was this lively.

Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition Aroma and Taste

Side by side, Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition doesn’t look too dissimilar to the Far Yeast Tokyo White edition as both were a cloudy straw colour like colour but more than anything, the pictures above really show the need for me to improve my photography of beers.

The surprising thing though was that even though I used a specially made Spiegelau Weizen glass for Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition, there was not much going on lifewise. It looked like some cardboard that had been left out in the rain and had soaked up some mud too. The head was a massive let down too for a weizen beer. Perhaps the only redeeming feature about it was the aroma – wheaty and full of bananas and cloves along with a dash of citrus.

It’s a shame that Nippon Craft Beer hadn’t focussed more on how to get the best out of a weizen yeast and the citra hops as Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition slips back into being disappointing during drinking. All the forgiveness I had given them due to the aroma was quickly taken back as the body was just a let down, even with the citra hops. It was mess of banana and lemon flavours that didn’t balance each other at all. Imagine making a banana milkshake then dumping some lemon juice in it.


Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition One Line Review

Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition is an interesting experiment but ultimately something I just didn’t like.

Where to Buy Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition

Far Yeast Tokyo White Weizen Edition can be bought from the following places:

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1 comment

Christopher Phillips September 10, 2015 - 11:10 am

Nah, I wouldn’t mess with a hefeweizen by mixing it with a belgian wit. Its no longer a weizen then. Or citra hops. I hated the orange hopped fuji weizen they brought out but so many liked it. I’m a bit of a traditionalist concerning weizens. I cant be bothered to try this companies pricy fancy beers. The mikkeller or brewdog or evil twin or hipster selling point approach does zero for me. i just like beer, not pretty labels or marketing gimmicks. It actually turns me away from the brand, to be honest.
If you get a chance, try to taste Inuyama lorelei weizen – best in Japan. Fuji is good too but it keeps on changing and Zumona is really good, on a good day.


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