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Oh! La! Ho Beer

Oh! La! Ho Beer

Oh! La! Ho Beer is based out in Tomi city, Nagano and started brewing beer in 1996. Oh! La! Ho Beer is the English version of the name, but commonly known as oraho in Japanese which means “our land”. The brewery is a multiple award-winning producer, both domestically and on the international scene.

Oh! La! Ho Beer Main Line Up

The following is a list of the main beers available all year round:

Oh! La! Ho Beer Seasonal and Limited Edition Line Up

The following is a list of seasonal and limited edition beers.

Oh! La! Ho Beer Details

Address: Nagano-ken, Tomi-shi, Wa 3875

Phone: 0268-64-0006

Website (in Japanese): Oh! La! Ho Homepage

Facebook: Oh! La! Ho Facebook

Oh! La! Ho Beer Articles

A list of Oh! La! Ho Beer articles:

  • Restaurant Oh! La! Ho in Tomi, Nagano – the brewpub and restaurant for the brewery.
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