Beach Muffin in Zushi

Beach Muffin Front

Beach Muffin One Paragraph Review Beach Muffin is definitely a place we will continue visiting in the future when we find ourselves in the area. The beers have become much improved and the food is delicious. The warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere will keep you nice and chilled out for your time there though the only downside is that depending on …


Shower Beer w/Yorocco and Baird at Zushi Beach

Shower Beer Poster

On Sunday 3rd August, Happy Go Lucky and Yorocco beer hosted Shower Beer at Happy Go Lucky on Zushi Beach. With Baird Beer (Shuzenji, Izu), Yorocco brewery (Zushi, Kanagawa), Nagano trading (Yokohama, USA) and food supplied by Charcoal Grill GREEN (Yokohama), BeerTengoku bravely went outside in the scorching hot midday sun in the search for some Japanese craft beers. Happy Go Lucky is …