Gastropub Gozo in Shimo-Kitazawa, Tokyo

Gastropub Gozo Front

Gastropub Gozo The Bottom Line If you like Hitachino Nest Beer or hamburgers with lots of melted cheese on top, then Gastropub Gozo is the place for you. Else, give it a wide berth to be honest. While the atmosphere is great at Gastropub Gozo – very chilled and relaxed – the smoking policy lets the bar down as well as the …


Baird Numazu Fishmarket in Numazu, Shizuoka

Baird Numazu Fishmarket Front

Baird Numazu Fishmarket The Bottom Line Sometimes the original isn’t always the best. That’s not saying Baird Numazu Fishmarket isn’t worth going to, but I’ve been spoilt by Baird Beer in Kanto too much – BBQ, Pizza, Yakitori, and fried food on sticks, along with tasty beer. Baird Numazu Fishmarket offers up the Baird Beer on tap, along with some of the …


Numazu Craft in Numazu, Shizuoka

Numazu Craft Front

Numazu Craft The Bottom Line How can such a “small” place have so many good craft beer bars? Numazu Craft is another addition to a growing list of places to try when you’re in the area. While Numazu Craft is more of a taproom than a fully fledged bar, the beers are well made, cheap, and also come in a variety of …

øl by Oslo Brewing Company in Shibuya, Tokyo

øl by Oslo Brewing Company Front

øl by Oslo Brewing Company The Bottom Line If you’re into chilled electro music a la Royksopp et al, and don’t mind paying over-the-top prices, then you’ll fit in at øl by Oslo Brewing Company. The prices are some of the most expensive in the area, regardless of the prices including tax, which left me feeling a bit short-changed. While I …

Mikkeller Tokyo in Shibuya, Tokyo

Mikkeller Tokyo Front

Mikkeller Tokyo The Bottom Line Right in the thick of Shibuya but tucked away in a secluded back street the beers here are an experience; not many do them like Mikkeller. Serving Mikkeller beers alongside a range of domestic beers this venue has great decor and plenty of room to move around. You are going to want to catch a …

Gori Gori Taproom in Roppongi, Tokyo

Gori Gori Taproom ゴリゴリタプルーム

Gori Gori Taproom The Bottom Line Gori Gori Taproom might not offer up any in-house beers, but what they do offer up are cheap beers in Roppongi – perhaps the cheapest by far that we’ve seen – alongside some deliciously huge hamburgers too. While Gori Gori Taproom is more than likely not attracting vegetarians or vegans alike, you shouldn’t knock it for …


TDM1874 Brewery in Tokaichiba, Yokohama

TDM1874 Brewery Front

TDM1874 Brewery The Bottom Line If you’re in the area then get down to TDM1874. The beers are well priced, tasty, and served well and all the prices include tax on the menu. The whole place is non-smoking and if you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to meet George, the British brewer, when he is serving. There is also …

Craft Beer Kan in Niigata, Niigata.

Craft Beer Kan Front

Craft Beer Kan The Bottom Line If you’re ever in Niigata and looking for a cheap place to find lots of craft beer, then Craft Beer Kan comes whole heartedly recommended – just make sure you are not hungry and don’t need the toilet. The sheer selection of well-served and maintained beers means you can easily while away the hours here …


YYG Brewery and Beer Kitchen in Yoyogi, Tokyo

YYG Brewery and Beer Kitchen Front

YYG Brewery and Beer Kitchen One Paragraph YYG Brewery and Beer Kitchen is definitely a work in progress and a much needed review is needed. While it’s in a good location, the lack of any real decent beer at a good price is disappointing. While it’s nice to see some more brewpubs coming through, this one was a major disappointment …

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom Front

Baird Takadanobaba Taproom One Paragraph Review There isn’t much of a surprise with Baird Takadanobaba Taproom – it does exactly what it is supposed to do with the Baird name in the title; however, the cost of the food is the major disappointment. Eat before you go and you won’t be disappointed with the place. Like all of the Baird Taprooms, all …