Craft Beer Map of Okinawa

Craft Beer Map Okinawa 沖縄クラフトビール


Okinawa Sango Beer Saison by Nanto Brewery

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison 沖縄サンゴビールセゾン

Okinawa Sango Beer Saison is a 4.5% saison brewed by Nanto Brewery. It has, according to the bottle, a “juicy aroma and fruity sourness”, and is brewed using spring water from nearby Gyokusendo limestone cavern. Okinawa Sango Beer Saison Aroma and Taste I never learn, do I? I’m just a glutton for punishment. And beer. I desperately want to find …

Nihede Soft Type by Nanto Brewery

Nihede Soft Type is a kölsch style beer from Nanto Brewery, which explains the soft type nomenclature it has been given. It is also a 5% bottle conditioned beer with the yeast kept in during the bottling process so the flavours may change as time goes on. We’ve seen Nihede Soft Type on draught in local Okinawan bars and at a …


Ishigakijima Weizen by Ishigakijima Beer

Ishigakijima Weizen

Guys, guys, guys. I’m back, it’s been so long. I’m easing myself back into the ocean of Japanese craft beer with something of a gimme: a self-described “Ji-beer” from Ishigaki island in Okinawa. It’s a Weizen, although I’m willing to trust the label about as far as I can throw a delicious Okinawa Aguu pig (seriously, Aguu is the Kobe …


Okinawa IPA by Nanto Brewery

Okinawa IPA

Two in one night! slow down Robson, you’ll give yourself a Tony Hart attack! Okinawa must have some kind of positive effect on my writing ability. Every time I get a bit of writer’s block, I’ll just crack open a delicious can of Goya Dry, stick a sea cucumber in a big cigarette holder like Hunter S. Thompson and get …


Helios Sheequarsar White Ale by Helios Brewery

Helios Sheequarsar White Ale

Helios Sheequarsar White Ale is a 5% fruit beer from Helios Craft Beer in Okinawa made from locally sourced sheequarsar. If you don’t know what a sheequarsar is, imagine something like a lime crossed with a lemon and incredibly sour. Helios Sheequarsar White Ale is available readily in Okinawa though quite tough to find on mainland Japan. Helios Sheequarsar White Ale Aroma and Taste …

Nihede Black Ale by Nanto Brewery

Nihede Black Ale

Nihede Black Ale is a 5% porter style beer from Okinawa, brewed by Nanto Brewery. It is an unfiltered beer, allowing the yeast to actively condition the beer until the moment it is drunk from the bottle or keg. Nihede Black Ale is styled as an original Okinawan black ale to fit in with the idea of being an Okinawa product. …

Nihede Hard by Nanto Brewery

Nihede Hard

Nihede Hard is an altbier from Nanto Brewery based in Okinawa. The reason why Nihede Hard is deemed to be “hard” is due to the strong flavours that are associated with altbiers, rather than the gentle, soft flavours that go with pilsners and pale ales. It is a 5% unfiltered beer so a grey, yeast sediment may be found at the …

Helios Porter by Helios Beer

Helios Porter

Helios Porter is a beer based on an 18th century traditional English style of porters. It is sometimes known as Helios Hoshizora no Porter for those with a Japanese naming lean. The unusual thing about this beer is that there is no mention of it on the Helios website. Not a single mention. No picture. No holding space. Nada. The …


Helios Weizen by Helios Brewery

helios weizen

Helios Weizen is brewed based on a German kristalweizen recipe which means, in English, it’s a clear wheat beer. It’s also called Blue Sky And Sea Beer due to the kanji on the can but pretty much no one in Japan calls it that. Helios Weizen is one of Helios’ main lineup and can be easily found across Okinawa. Helios Weizen Aroma …