Closed: Craft Beer & Grill 135 Tavern in Akasaka, Tokyo

Craft Beer & Grill 135 Tavern Front

Editor Note: Craft Beer & Grill 135 Tavern has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake Craft Beer & Grill 135 Tavern The Bottom Line If you’re in the area from 5pm to 7pm and looking for a quick beer and Yona Yona Beer Kitchen is closed, then you could do a lot worse than Craft Beer & Grill 135 …


Bakushu Club Popeye in Ryogoku, Tokyo

Bakushu Club Popeye Front

Bakushu Club Popeye The Bottom Line If you’re looking for the most variety of beer in a bar then with Bakushu Club Popeye it’s the one and only place that you should look at, with its 70+ taps of craft beer. It’s a must go place at least once; however, with the years gone by, Bakushu Club Popeye is no longer the …

DevilCraft Gotanda in Gotanda, Tokyo

DevilCraft Gotanda

DevilCraft Gotanda The Bottom Line If you’ve been to either the Kanda branch or Hamamatsucho branch of DevilCraft, then you know what you’re getting – a great selection of craft beer with very tasty food at usual Tokyo prices. The interior of this branch follows the others and with anywhere between ten to twenty taps of craft beer, there is …

Craft Beer Kitchen Jiyugaoka in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

Craft Beer Kitchen Jiyugaoka Front

Craft Beer Kitchen Jiyugaoka One Paragraph Review If you want some cheap midday beers and only if you’re in the area, Craft Beer Kitchen Jiyugaoka is a reasonable choice, though make sure you’ve eaten beforehand. The beers weren’t served in the best condition I went, with them being rather on the flat side; however, there is a wide choice available so …


Two Dogs Taproom in Roppongi, Tokyo

Two Dogs Taproom Front

Two Dogs Taproom One Paragraph Review If it weren’t for the smoking, Two Dogs Taproom would come highly recommended but seeing as the whole bar is smoking it gets marked down to a recommended if you can handle the smoke or can go when no one is smoking. The range of beers is solid and the happy hour from 5pm to …


The Lower Right in Daimon, Tokyo

The Lower Right Front

The Lower Right One Paragraph Review If you’re looking for cheap Japanese craft beers that are hard to find to complete your Untappd collection, then you would do well at The Lower Right. With the long happy hour beer prices and the large glasses, it’s a good place to do some afternoon drinking though the prices don’t include tax. Thankfully there …


Closed: On The Table by Goodbeer Faucets in Daimon, Tokyo

On The Table Front

Editor Note: On The Table by Goodbeer Faucets has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake On The Table by Goodbeer Faucets One Paragraph Review On The Table is a distinct change from the GoodBeer Faucets range of bars so don’t go expecting a bar. With only one size of beer too there isn’t much choice for …

Closed: August Beer Club in Roppongi, Tokyo

August Beer Club Front

Editor’s note: August Beer Club in Roppongi, Tokyo closed at the end of July. This review is being kept up for posterity. It was a sad day for BeerTengoku when August Beer Club ‘B’ Hiroo closed down in 2015 – cheap ¥500 large glasses of beer and decent food taken away from us which left us with even less choice for happy hour …

Wiz Craft Beer and Food in Awajicho, Tokyo

Wiz Craft Beer and Food Front

Wiz Craft Beer and Food opened in July 2015 and is a place I’ve been meaning to visit for a while now, but a trip to the UK and sick kids meant that it wasn’t possible until one bright, sunny Saturday in September. Again, the mini-bar crawl bug caught me, grabbed me, and made me drink too much at three …


Devilcraft Kanda in Kanda, Tokyo

DevilCraft Kanda Logo

This review of Devilcraft Kanda has been a long time coming – not because I’m lazy or anything like that but that’s it always booked out whenever I want to go. I guess if I went by myself, then I could get a seat at the counter on the first floor, but Devilcraft Kanda feels like it should be a group experience. …