Songbird Blonde by Brewery Songbird

Songbird Blonde ソングバードブロンド

Songbird Blonde is a Belgian blonde ale from Brewery Songbird that is part of their expanding range of Belgian style beers. It’s a 5% beer and is labelled as a session beer in the hope that you’ll drink lots of it, thus giving Brewery Songbird more money. It’s been seen on both tap and in bottled form but the bottles …


Songbird Golden Bitter by Brewery Songbird

Songbird Golden Bitter

Songbird Golden Bitter came as a surprise to us when Liquors Hasegawa emailed to say they had some limited bottles in stock of a new beer from Chiba and would we like some? The only brewery I could think of was Brewery Songbird, which opened in March 2015. Songbird Golden Bitter is a 5% English best bitter and is part of …

Songbird Summer Porter by Brewery Songbird

Songbird Summer Porter

Wait, before you start writing furious emails to us, let us explain something. Songbird Summer Porter is 4.5% porter that bemused us as much as the Thrashzone Envenom, a barley wine, in summer too. I mean, don’t brewers know when the best season for their beer is? People want cool, refreshing beers in summer and not heavy, thick ones that are best …