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Songbird Summer Porter by Brewery Songbird

by Rob
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Wait, before you start writing furious emails to us, let us explain something. Songbird Summer Porter is 4.5% porter that bemused us as much as the Thrashzone Envenom, a barley wine, in summer too. I mean, don’t brewers know when the best season for their beer is? People want cool, refreshing beers in summer and not heavy, thick ones that are best suited to being warm. Anyway, Brewery Songbird clearly didn’t listen to anyone when they brewed this beer. It’s minimalist design was almost passed over by me when I was shopping in Liquors Hasegawa.

Songbird Summer Porter

Not a bottle of homebrew but an actual bottle design.

Songbird Summer Porter Aroma and Taste

Wanting to review this beer in the climate it was brewed for meant sitting in our bathroom after a 45c shower, with the windows closed, to induce some high summer-like temperatures and humidity that Japanese summers are known for. Songbird Summer Porter poured out something similar to a dark lager: a thin, black body along with plenty of carbonation and a slight frothy white head on top. The aroma was an interesting mix of roasted malts and chocolate coffee that hid some fruity hops.

Drinking Songbird Summer Porter was a weird pleasure. It had the flavours of a porter but the soft, thin body meant it came across as more of dark lager or a schwarzbier. I couldn’t help but think that Songbird Summer Porter was meant to be a cross between a lager and a porter. After waiting for it to cool down as well (I bought two bottles), Songbird Summer Porter had a feeling akin to iced coffee. It’s nice when served cold, but when it’s warmed up, it isn’t as refreshing.

Songbird Summer Porter One Line Review

Songbird Summer Porter is an intriguing cross of a lager and porter that is best served chilled though not really worth hunting down for.


Where to Buy Songbird Summer Porter

Songbird Summer Porter can be bought at the following places:

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