Tazawako Beer Akita Bakushu Megumi by Tazawako Beer

Tazawako Beer Akita Bakushu Megumi

Tazawako Beer Akita Bakushu Megumi is a 4.5% golden ale from Tazawako Beer, based in Akita, Japan. It’s part of their autumn seasonal lineup and can be found in bottles and on tap across Japan when on sale. Tazawako Beer Akita Bakushu Megumi was co-developed with Akita Prefectural University and is the first beer to be brewed using only ingredients from Akita. …

Tazawako Komachi Weiss by Tazawako Beer 

Tazawako Komachi Weiss

Tazawako Komachi Weiss is a 5% German hefeweizen, brewed by Tazawako Beer, based in Akita, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range and can be found in both bottles and on tap from Autumn onwards, usually around from the beginning of October. Tazawako Komachi Weiss, or as it says on the label weißbier (weissbier), is brewed with 100% of the …


Tazawako Dark Lager 田沢湖ダークラガー

田沢湖ダークラガーは5%のシュバルツビールです。田沢湖ビールのレギュラーラインアップの一部です。田沢湖ビールから「その秘密は、ダークモルトと呼ばれるローストした麦芽と、苦味を決めるためのホップに、最高級として名高い、チェコ産のザーツ・ザーツというファイン・アロマホップを使用していること。 」 田沢湖ダークラガーの目鼻舌 目:ダークブラウンな色です。泡がオフホワイトふわふわです。 鼻:パンのような香りです。キャラメル、ロストモルトもある。 舌:ロストモルト、スモークの味。味が薄いからすぐ消える。チョークの味もある。 オンライン販売 田沢湖ビールのオンラインショップ 長左衛門

Tazawako Beer Information

Tazawako Beer Logo

Tazawako Beer is a brewery located in Akita prefecture, Japan and was founded in 1997, three years after the relaxation of the alcohol production laws in 1994. Like other breweries at the time, Tazawako Beer has its roots in the local community looking to expand its fortunes and came after the development of an onsen village and also Tazawako art village as …

Tazawako Kolsch by Tazawako Beer

Tazawako Kolsch

Tazawako Kolsch is an award-winning beer from Tazawako Beer that won both Asia’s Best Kölsch and the World’s Best Kölsch in 2013 at the World Beer Awards. This 5% beer is brewed to a traditional recipe from Cologne, Germany and was designed after the owner of Tazawako Beer, Komatsu-san, tried a variety of different kölschs and refined the recipe for Tazawako …

Tazawako Rauch by Tazawako Beer

Tazawako Rauch

Tazawako Rauch is a 7.5% award winning rauch style beer from Tazawako Beer. Rauchs are brewed by drying the malts over an open flame, rather than on the floor or in a machine, imparting a woody smokey flavour into the final beer. It’s based on a traditional smoked recipe from the Bamberg region of Germany. Tazawako Rauch Aroma and Taste We’ve …

Tazawako Alt by Tazawako Beer

Tazawako Alt

Altbiers are not that popular in Japan, with our last review of an altbier being the Karuizawa Asuma Kougen Alt, but let’s not use that as a yardstick.  Tazawako Alt is an award-winning altbier from Tazawako Beer in Akita, Japan. It has won awards from Europe to Japan and around the world over, with the last count being at twelve …