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2nd Story Double IPA by 2nd Story Ale Works

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2nd Story Double IPA is an 8% double IPA from 2nd Story Ale Works, based in Tokushima, in Shikoku, Japan. It doesn’t seem to be part of any regular, or seasonal, lineup as we’ve seen it on sale at various times throughout the year. 2nd Story Double IPA is brewed using Citra, Lorel, and Cyro Mosaic hops.


  • Alcohol : 8%
  • Style : Double IPA
  • Hops : US Citra, Lorel, and Cryo Mosaic
  • IBU : 95

Sale Information

  • Availability : Unknown
  • On Sale : From 2021
  • Size : 330 ml
  • Price : From 800 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Orange, mango, pineapple, and lemon, with some subtle caramel malts
  • Notable Tastes : Swift bitter kick, with a balance of citrus and tropical fruits. Slight sweet caramel backbone.

2nd Story Double IPA : Aroma & Taste

2nd Story Double IPA poured out quite a bright orangey colour – not as fake as some orange things of recent over the last few years – but it did seem rather livelier. Not a bad thing but it was unexpected. The aromas were of both citrus and tropical with lemons and oranges coming through for the former, and then some mango and pineapple coming through of the latter. The hoppy aromas were balanced nicely against some of caramel from the malt, that was sweet, but not cloying. When 2nd Story Double IPA had warmed up, there was a mere touch of alcohol heat but not enough to be boozy or hot.

The body was a bit sharper with a swift bitter kick at the start of drinking, though it was fleeting as the citrus and tropical flavours came through rather quickly. The same flavours were present from the nose with lemon and orange representing the citrus family, and mango with some pineapple from the tropical fruits side of the world. The flavours were nicely balanced together with just a touch of caramel to lighten the preceedings. Once 2nd Story Double IPA had warmed up, there was also a faint alcohol heat to the beer, but not enough to burn the palate or distract away from the flavour.

2nd Story Double IPA : The Bottom Line

2nd Story Double IPA is an unbashed tropical double IPA that does the job well – full of flavour and booze.


2nd Story Double IPA : Where to Buy It

2nd Story Double IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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