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Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure by Two Rabbits Brewing Company

by Rob
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Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure is an 6% West Coast IPA from Two Rabbits Brewing Company based in Omihachiman, in Shiga, Japan. It’s part of their dual hop IPA series with this using US Columbus and Strata hops to give it an IBU of 60. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure is a one-off run or not.

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure : At A Glance

  • Alcohol : 6%
  • Style : West Coast IPA
  • IBU : 60
  • Hops : Columbus and Strata
  • Availability : N/A
  • Size : 350ml can
  • Price : From 600 yen
  • On Sale : From Ocotober 2021
  • Notable Aromas : Fruity with citrus notes and tropical passion fruit. Light dusting of malt.

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure : Aroma and Taste

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure poured out a hazy golden yellow colour with a plump white head on top that left white streaks down the side of the glass throughout drinking. The aroma was a pungent fruity one with lemon and grapefruit being at the forefront, along with some tropical notes of passion fruit and hints of pineapple when the beer had warmed up. There was a light dusting of malt sweetness but nothing too sweet. Anyway, with the hop pungency, the malts never really had much of a chance.

The body to Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure was the same as, if not better than, the aroma. There was a sharp bitterness to the body, though it subsided rather quickly, to leave the fruity flavours behind. As in the nose, the fruitiness was of citrus fruits, and some passion fruit to follow as well. The flavours were balanced against one another very well. There was a faint malt sweetness to the body, with some light pilsner bite to it.

The aftertaste was of a lingering fruity cocktail mix that stayed around long enough to be nice, but not so much that it left a sticky feeling on the tongue. Only one had Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure become much warmer was there a faint hint of booziness but by that point, I was onto my second.

What’s With The Name?

Yabure kabure is an idiomatic expression that rough translates to “making rash decisions” or “being over confident”. Perhaps Two Rabbits were being rash when they made this beer?

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure : The Bottom Line

If Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure was made as a rash decision, then Two Rabbits Brewing Company were right to make it. A very good, and solid, American IPA that I would happily drink again.

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure : Where to Buy It

Two Rabbits Yabure Kabure can be bought online at the following places:


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