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Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale by Ginga Kogen Beer

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Ginga Kogen Beer haven’t had much luck recently (at the time of writing) with a recall of some bad beers back in July/August but with Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale, here’s hoping it’s a decent batch. Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale is 5.5% American pale ale brewed with 100% Citra hops that is an autumn seasonal on sale from early September. At the time of writing, it’s available in can form and can also be found on draft in select places too.

Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale

Daft pic, but almost forgot to take it after waiting so long for it to settle.

Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Thinking that Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale would be an IPA-lite version of a beer, I decided to pour it into my IPA glass – big mistake. The beer quickly formed a massive amount of head which meant I had to wait about ten minutes for it settle by which time I had grown bored and wanted something else. I preserved, woe betide me, and made it through that long ten minute wait. The Citra hops were clearly evident from the initial aroma right through until the end though they did let off for a moment to allow a light caramel malt aroma to come through too. It had a medium dark brown colour that was more on the orange side rather than red side of brown.

The Citra hops were the main star of the show throughout drinking too, producing a layer of bittering that never got further than a mere smuckering of bitterness but strong floral flavours. Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale did have some hints of malts too mixing around but not were not as sweet as the other beers from the Ginga Kogen Beer Company range. The bitterness continued right through to the aftertaste and left me wondering if this was really an IPA-lite masquerading as a pale ale?

Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale One Line Review

Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale never really got me going or reaching out for more as the hops were too dominant and masked the malts too much.


Where to Buy Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale

Ginga Kogen Extra Pale Ale can be bought from the following online places:

It can also be bought at the following stores:

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