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Yggdrasil Brewing Information

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Yggdrasil Brewing is a brewpub and brewery located in Hiratsua, in Kanagawa, Japan. Yggdrasil Brewing opened in August 2018; however, their first on-site beers came later in 2019. Yggdrasil Brewing is owned and run by Davido Gardamoto, Yggdrasil Brewing takes its name from the fictional tree that appears in Nordic mythology”Yggdrasil”. Davido, from Brittany, France and loves heavy metal and beer and has been listening to hardcore heavy metal since he was a kid and combines running the brewery with being a promoter of heavy metal bands. Davido studied beer making at the brewery in Hamburg, Germany, and after coming to Japan, he continued to work as a phantom brewery – companies that brew beers at various breweries but do not own their own equipment.

Yggdrasil Brewing Lineup

The following are some the beers we’ve had from Yggdrasil Brewing:

 Yggdrasdil Brewing Articles

Yggdrasil Brewing Details

Address: 44-7 Yuhigaoka, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa 254-0806

Phone: 0463-73-8282


Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.yggdrasil-brewing.com/

Brewery Store: https://yggdrasil-brewing.myshopify.com/

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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