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DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA by DD4D Brewing

by Rob
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DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA is a 7% West Coast IPA from DD4D Brewing, based in Ehime, in Shikoku, Japan. It’s part of their bottled and draft lineup, though we don’t know if it’s a regular beer or not. As the name suggests, DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA is brewed using locally sourced lemons from the Seto Island region in the secondary fermentation.

DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA・DD4Dウェスト・コースト・レモンIPA

DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA Aroma and Taste

“Where’s the beer?” you are probably asking – well I had drunk some of it already for the TBT: DD4D video and realised that I should also write up an actual review of the beer too. DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA poured out a slightly hazy golden colour but the head really didn’t last long on it – a light fluffy white colour that ended up being a few bubbles around the outside of the glass. In terms of aroma, it was definitely lemony but the lemon aroma could easily have been made from using American hops instead. At least the lemon aroma is of a natural one, and not a chemically induced pithy aroma. In terms of malts, there was very little malt aroma besides just a smidgen of pilsner bite but it would have been hard to have guessed DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA was in fact a West Coast IPA unless someone had told me.

I was expecting a bitterness from DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA, but it ended up being more of a tart sour one due to the lemons that brought a whole lemony flavour to the beer. And that was pretty much it – lemons with a few more lemons and a couple more lemons thrown in for good measure. To say DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA was one dimensional would be a fair assessment of the beer and also a shame. Even when it had warmed up, it was all about the lemons – which at least brought a natural flavour to the beer. It finished up with, unsurprisingly, a lingering lemon flavour with just a hint of malt sweetness.


DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA The Bottom

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, not a West Coast IPA.

Where to Buy DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA

DD4D West Coast Lemon IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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