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Be Easy Terako by Be Easy Brewing

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Be Easy Terako is a 7.5% Belgian Blonde Ale from Be Easy Brewing, based in Hirosaki, in Aomori, Japan. It’s part of their draft lineup and was first released in May 2019. It’s unknown whether Be Easy Terako is a one-off brew or not.

Be Easy Terako・ビーエージーてらこ

Be Easy Terako Aroma and Taste

Be Easy Terako came up a dark hazy golden honey colour with a head that was massive white bubbles which popped away quickly. There was a strong phenolic fruity nose to Be Easy Terako – not abrasively so but enough to know that the Belgian yeast had worked hard during brewing. Be Easy Terako also had some honey and caramel aromas coming through those phenols, as well as some light citrus aroma just to throw some things into the mix.

The body to Be Easy Terako was rich, if a little cloying. The honey and caramel flavours contrasted against the funky Belgian yeast flavours, and the subtle sourness did bring some respite from the richness of the beer. It had a quite a thick body too, which made Be Easy Terako a bit of a difficult drink to finish, but mainly because of the heat on the day – it was pushing 30c and this beer is not suited to hot days. The lingering fruity phenols were soft and not overpowering, but the sweetness did linger for longer.


Be Easy Terako The Bottom Line

Be Easy Terako would have been nice during the colder months of the year.

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