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Snow Monkey Beer Live 2019 in Shiga Kogen, Nagano

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Snow Monkey Beer Live 2019 is an annual event held at Shiga Kogen ski resort in Nagano, Japan. The event takes place over two days, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March and combines Japanese craft beer, which we love, with music, which we love, with snowboarding and skiing, which we also love, so what is there not to love? If you haven’t been before, check out our report from the 2016 event.

Breweries at 2019 Snow Monkey Beer Live

Once we get the list for this event then we’ll update this list.

The music this year is split over the three days into three session which link in to the three drinking periods over the two days so pick your tickets carefully. The sessions this year are as follows:

  • Friday 15th March 17:30 ~ 22:30
  • Saturday 16th March 11:30 ~ 16: 30
  • Saturday 16th March 17:30 ~ 22:30

The tickets are come in four different versions based on how many nights you wish to attend:

  • One session ticket is priced at ¥4,500 in advance or ¥5,000 on the day which includes a special glass and five drink tickets.
  • Two session ticket is priced at ¥7,000 in advance or ¥7,500 on the day of purchase which includes a special glass and ten drink tickets.
  • All session ticket is priced at ¥9,500 in advance or ¥10,000 which includes a special glass and fifteen drink tickets.
  • Additional drinks tickets cost ¥400 per ticket.

Tickets for Snow Monkey Beer Live 2019 can be bought in advance from Eplus here or at 7/11 ticket machines using the seven code: 051-693.

Snow Monkey Beer Live Details:

Homepage (in Japanese): Snow Monkey Beer Live

Social Network: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Snow Monkey Beer Live 2019

The best way to access Snow Monkey Beer Live 2019 is by car as it is in the middle of nowhere. There is also a free shuttle bus from Yudanakaonsen if you’re staying there as well.

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