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Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin IPA by Rise & Win Brewing

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Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin IPA is a 6.5% brut IPA from Rise & Win Brewing, based in Tokushima, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition IPA line up, with this one being released in 2018. Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin is brewed using Ekuanot and Idaho Seven hops.

Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin カミカツコスミックサーフィン

Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin Aroma and Taste

Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin could be the anti-NE IPA – it poured out a turbid brown colour with some flecks of orange in there – but not much. There was a medium amount of fluffy white head on top, though it collapsed quickly. Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin was dry to the nose – only a slight hint of malt sweetness came through, but there was some tropical, citrus, fruitiness that came through, along with a subtle phenolic aroma to it.

This is the first brut IPA I’ve had for BeerTengoku, though I’ve read about the style is supposed to be like. Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin was dry, I’ll give Rise & Win Brewing that. However, the residual lingering phenols in the beer just didn’t impress me. Of course, Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin was bitter like a normal IPA but the dryness brought the off flavours more so than if there had been some malt to balance them out. The hops brought a tropical, vibrant, citrus kick to take something away from the phenols that I don’t like in an IPA.


Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin The Bottom Line

Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin has not encouraged me to try other brut IPAs.

Where to Buy Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin

Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin can be bought online at the following places:

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