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Awa Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Chiba, Japan and opened in 1998. Awa Beer uses 100% malt, non-heat treated, and their beers are also unfiltered so the bottles undergo secondary conditioning in the bottle from the yeast. Awa Beer uses only malt and hops from Canada or Germany and they do not use any adjuncts in the majority …


Awa Agri Pale Ale by Awa Agri Beer

Awa Agri Pale Ale

Awa Agri Pale Ale is an English style pale ale from Awa Agri Beer, based in Chiba. It’s supposedly similar to an amber ale as well according to the Awa Agri Beer website, so perhaps they have gone for some kind of hybrid pale ale / amber beer. Awa Agri Pale Ale has an abv of 5% and is available all year …

Awa Agri Dark Ale by Awa Agri Beer

Awa Agri Dark Ale

Awa Agri Dark Ale is a 5% stout-esque beer from Awa Agri Beer in Chiba. I say stout-esque as there isn’t a definitive description on what it is – it could be a schwarzbier or it could be a stout. Besides that, there isn’t much information out there about Awa Agri Dark Ale except that Awa Agri Beer used roasted malt in …