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Ibaraki Bakuon Fest 2018 in Osaka

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Held over two days, from Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September, Ibaraki Bakuon Fest combines two days of drinking craft beer from across Japan with a line up of Japanese rock bands playing throughout the day for the sixth year running.

Ibaraki Bakuon Fest Beer And Rock Festival starts at 11:00 on both days and goes on until 20:00 with the last bands coming on at 17:30. Entrance is free though like the Craft Beer Picnic in Osaka, it has a strange way of buying beers and food. You have to buy tickets for ¥400 which enables you to get one beer, though you can buy a set of eight tickets for ¥3,000 instead, saving a whopping ¥200. Those bulk tickets can be bought in advance until Saturday 22nd September which also includes a limited edition glass to the first 800 people who buy them. Locations for buying the advanced tickets are listed here in Japanese. If you want food though, you have to pay that with cash and not tickets. Seems a little bit strange to have two different payments but that’s the way Ibaraki Bakuon Fest Beer And Rock Festival works.

Confirmed Breweries Attending Ibaraki Bakuon Fest 2018

The list of breweries attending Ibaraki Bakuon Fest 2018 are:

  • Minoh Beer
  • Rise & Win Brewing
  • Shonan Beer
  • Konishi Beer
  • TY Harbor
  • Baeren
  • Umeneshiki
  • Far Yeast Brewing Company
  • Shimane Beer Hearn
  • Kuninocho Beer
  • Nagahama Roman Beer
  • Kure Beer
  • Marca
  • Ushitora
  • Preston Ale
  • Blue Magic
  • Nasu Kogen Beer
  • Tochigi Micobrewery
  • Romantic Village Beer
  • Ise Kadoya
  • Minamishinshu Beer
  • Nagisa Beer
  • Rokko Beer
  • Daisen G Beer

How to Get tickets for Ibaraki Bakuon Fest 2018

Ibaraki Bakuon Fest Beer And Rock Festival tickets can be bought on the day or in advance at the places listed here in Japanese.


Ibaraku Bakuon Fest Details 2018

Homepage (in Japanese): http://ibaraki-bakuon-fest.com/index.html

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Ibaraki Bakuon Fest Beer 2018

Ibaraki Bakuon Fest Beer And Rock Festival is held at the Ibaraki City Central Park South Ground which can be accessed from either JR Ibaraki station or Ibarakishi Station on the Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line line. It’s about a ten minute walk from either station.

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