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Baeren Rye by Baeren Beer

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Baeren Rye is a 5.5% rye beer from Baeren Beer, based in Iwate, Japan. It’s part of their spring seasonal lineup and can be found on sale from March onwards until stocks last. Baeren Rye uses imported German rye for the beer though we’re unsure about how much rye goes towards the malt bill.

Baeren Rye

Sticky and peppery – yummy.

Baeren Rye Aroma and Taste

Baeren Rye poured out a dark muddy golden colour which was also quite hazy though thankfully there was no yeast sediment floating around in the beer. The head was light and frothy with tiny bubbles popping away as the picture was being lined up. It had a sweet peppery aroma to it that didn’t carry any alcohol heat with it but there was certainly something to it that produce a subtle ginger-like spiciness to it. Hints of cloves also came through but the rye was the clear star in Baeren Rye.

I’ve seen Baeren Rye labelled as a weizen in some places that are now owned by large beer conglomerates and am surprised to see it labelled that way. I didn’t pick up any of the traditional weizen banana flavours – instead the spicy pepperiness of rye came through with a slight sweet edge taking some of the kick away, ensuring that the rye didn’t overpower the palate. There was a subtle yeast edge with the cloves bringing some cloves to the forefront, albeit briefly, before fading away. Baeren Rye felt well balanced from start to finish though it was over all too soon.

Baeren Rye The Bottom Line

Baeren Rye is a really nice beer though the rye flavours may be too strong for some. Handle with caution.


Where to Buy Baeren Rye

Baeren Rye can be bought online at the following places:

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