Iwami Bakushu Information

Iwami Bakushu Lineup 石見麦酒

Iwami Bakushu is a craft beer brewery just opened in Gotsu City in the west part of Shimane prefecture. In order to make local sake unique to this area, two couples launched a small brewery of 9 tsubo. One of the premises behind Iwami Bakushu is to craft beer by maximizing the use of agricultural products such as barley that are grown …


Shimane Beer Company

Shimane Beer Company Logo

Shimane Beer Company is a brewery located in Matsue city, Shimane prefecture. The brewery was founded in 1998, soon after the deregulation of the alcohol industry license. It’s a small brewery, with only four employees that perform the roles of sales and also brewing and somehow though they manage to produce a wide range of year-round and limited edition beers. At …