Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft by Fukuyama Craft Heart

Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft is a 5% English style pale ale from Fukuyama Craft Heart Brewery based in Hiroshima, Japan. It’s part of their all-year round range and can be found in both bottles and on tap across Japan. It is brewed using seawater from the Seto Naikai, or the Seto inland sea which is bounded by Kyushu to the south-west, Shikoku to the south, and Honshu from the west around to the east. It also contains domestic grown barley and wheat as well.

Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft

Made with seawater – and tastes like it too.

Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft Aroma and Taste

After the mess that was the Fukuyama Craft Heart Setouchi Lemon, I didn’t have much hope for this one either. It poured out a muddy golden colour with a meagre amount of head – which says something considering I used the SSpiegelauIPA glass which has never failed me so far for producing inordinate amounts of head. The aroma, well, let me say that it made me double check it was in date still as it had a weird funky aroma with some hints of paint thinners. If there were any other aromas then it was missing for me.

And I’m glad I expected nothing from this beer as I wasn’t let down from drinking it – I guess you could go so far as to say I enjoyed it because I expected to be bad. Which really sums it all up. It had some muddy grainy like texture to it with a weird saltiness to it that was either left in from the seawater or had not been filtered out. It reminded me of those Hoppy and shochu drinks from when I first came to Japan and they weren’t pleasant. Thankfully it was more drinkable than the Setouchi Lemon mess but heck, even Asahi Super Dry is more drinkable than that.

Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft One Line Review

Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft is drinkable if it’s ice cold. Else give it a wide wide miss.

Where to Buy Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft

Fukuyama Craft Heart Sensui Draft can be bought online at the following places:

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