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Donryu Chroa Taboo Guilty White by Donryu Dream Beer

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Donryu Chroa Taboo Guilty White is a 5% German hefeweizen from Donryu Dream Beer, based in Gunma, Japan. It’s part of their new Chroa series, first released in 2017, and can be found in both bottles and, on occasion, on draft as well. Donryu Chroa Taboo White is brewed with predominantly wheat malt as the main base malt, with over 50% of it consisting of wheat.

Donryu Chroa Taboo White

Pretty bland really.

Donryu Chroa Taboo White Aroma and Taste

I initially thought Donryu Chroa Taboo White was supposed to be witbier, hence the glass but it was only after some searching through the Donryu Dream Beer site that I found out the beer was in fact a weizen. Donryu Chroa Taboo White poured out a deep golden colour with a large frothy white head on top but you wouldn’t have guessed this was a hefeweizen from the aroma as it was wheat all the way. There was a distinct lack of bananas going on, and if there was any yeasty aromas then I must have missed them completely throughout drinking.

I like hefeweizens – I think they’re a great, refreshing beer in the summer and offer a nice respite from the hops in pale ales and IPAs. Yet Donryu Chroa Taboo White seemed to be lacking the refreshing quality. It wasn’t awash with flavour either, with the wheat being one-dimensional and the bananary ester flavours that I enjoy in them. When Donryu Chroa Taboo White had warmed up, it still lacked those flavours and while it was dry, just became quite bland in the end.

Donryu Chroa Taboo White The Bottom Line

While Donryu Chroa Taboo White isn’t a bad beer, it isn’t a good hefeweizen. Try something else instead.


Where to Buy Donryu Chroa Taboo White

Donryu Chroa Taboo White can be bought online at the following places:

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