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Tsuyama Stout by Tago Brewing Company

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Tsuyama Stout is a 5% English stout from Tago Brewing Company, based in Okayama, Japan. It’s part of their all year round range of craft beer and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Tsuyama Stout comes in two different labels: this one below as part of the range of space label beers, and also a regular label titled “Tsuyama Hormone and Udon Beer”. They are both brewed using the same recipe of  ale malt, wheat malt, roasted malt, caramel malt and hops, though it’s unsure which kinds of grains are used.

Tsuyama Stout

A total eclipse in a beer.

Tsuyama Stout Aroma and Taste

Tsuyama Stout poured out a deep brown, verging on black colour, with a slightly off-white tan coloured head that was large and frothy. The head lingered throughout drinking, clinging to the side of the glass. It had a pleasant aroma of coffee and cocoa, along with some hints of roasted caramel in the background too. Not so unexpected from a stout really and I’m grateful that Tago Brewery Company don’t use horumon, or animal guts, during the brewing.

The body had more of a schwarz-like texture to it, with it being quite light and more carbonated than I would have liked for a stout. Tsuyama Stout’s taste wasn’t too dissimilar to the aroma with hints of chocolate and cream coming through and a slight burnt caramel flavour coming through as well. It definitely had a dryness to it that only had the faintest of fruitiness to it. There was a faint hint of aniseed in the aftertaste too, along with the chocolate lingering too.

Tsuyama Stout The Bottom Line

Tsuyama Stout is a decent made stout/schwarz – it had almost everything I liked in a stout except in the body.


Where to Buy Tsuyama Stout

Tsuyama Stout can be bought online at the following places:

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