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Ji-Beer Fest Daisen 2017 in Yonago, Tottori

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Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2016
Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2017 is the seventh iteration of the event, held at the base of Mount Daisen in Tottori, which is also home to the Daisen G Beer Company. It’s held on Saturday 10th June from 11:00 to 21:00 and Sunday 12th June from 10:00 to 16:00, regardless of the weather. The site also offers camping for free though the area is huge so make sure you don’t get lost.

There are 2 types of tickets for the 2017 event. The first costs ¥1900 (¥1600 in advance or¥1900 with a festival glass). This entitles you to 5 220ml beers of your choice. There is also a one day ‘all you can drink’ (nomihodai) ticket, which comes with an original glass and a wristband; you must have both of these to be served (there are a limited number of glasses so come early to avoid disappointment). One day tickets can be used for either Saturday or Sunday and cost ¥5000 (¥4500 in advance). Broken or lost glasses will need to be purchased again.

Breweries confirmed for Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2017

How to Get Tickets for Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2017

Tickets for Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2016 can be bought at the following places:

  • JTB
  • Lawson
  • Familymart
  • Seven Eleven
  • Circle K Sunkus
  • Ministop

Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2017 Details

Homepage: Japanese / English


SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Ji-BeerFest Daisen 2017

The closest station to the event is Yonago station in Tottori. On the day the charter buses will start from in front of Yonago JR station at the Dan Dan Hiroba stop go directly to the the festival site at Masumizu Highlands, before making a loop in the opposite direction. Buses will start running at 10am on Saturday (9am on Sunday) and then approximately every 15/20 minutes. The last bus back to Yonago station from Masumizu Highlands will be at approximately 9:15pm on Saturday (4:14pm on Sunday).

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