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Craft Beer Live 2017 in Osaka

by Rob

Craft Beer Live 2017
Craft Beer Live 2017 is an annual event based in Kansai that celebrates the local craft beer breweries from around the Kansai area. Due to distance and time constraints, many of the smaller breweries in the area don’t attend other events outside of Kansai, so this is your chance to go along and try some decent beers that may not be possible at other times during the year. Craft Beer Live 2017 is a two day event, on Saturday 27th May to Sunday 28th May located at the end of Minatomachi River Place, next to Namba Hatch.

Breweries from the Kansai area that are confirmed to attend Craft Beer Live 2017 include:

  • Akashi Beer
  • Awaji Beer
  • Biwako Iimachi Beer
  • Brew Pub Starboard (Hyogo)
  • Doutonbori Beer
  • Golden Rabbit Beer
  • Harbour Beer Kobe (Kobe)
  • Heiwa Craft
  • Ichijyouji Brewery
  • Izushi Shiroyama Garden
  • Kinosaki Beer
  • Kizakura Kyoto Beer
  • Konishi Beer
  • Kuninocho Beer
  • Kyoto Brewing Company
  • Kyoto Machiya Beer
  • Marca
  • Minoh Beer
  • Nagahama Roman Beer
  • Nagisa Beer
  • Rokko Beer
  • Soni Kougen Beer
  • Tango Kingdom Craft Beer
  • Voyager Brewing
  • Zigzag Brewery

Entrance into Craft Beer Live 2017 is free on both days, with Saturday 27th May starting at 12:00 until 20:00 then Sunday 28th May starting at 11:00 until 18:00. Beers can only be bought using the tickets with each ticket costing ¥400, or seven tickets for ¥2,800 on the day. If you buy the seven pack in advance, the price goes down to ¥2,400 instead. You also get an official Craft Beer Live cup for the festival which must be used to get drinks. No cup, no beer. Each cup costs ¥50.

There are also some special 600ml glasses called a Gokugoku Glass at ¥400 which holds a single beer of 210ml while the Gubigubi Glass at ¥600 is a Craft Beer Live special double sized glass available for a first in 2015 which can be used for a single 210ml portion or a double 420ml portion of beer that costs two beer tickets.


How to Get Tickets for Craft Beer Live 2017

Advance tickets for can be bought from the breweries above or at JTB machines using the code 0245588 at 7/11, FamilyMart, Ministop, Lawsons, Circle K and Sunkus.

Craft Beer Live 2017 Details:

Homepage (in Japanese): http://craftbeerlive.com/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Craft Beer Live 2017

The closest stations to the event are JR Nanba or Nanba Station. The map below includes directions from JR Nanba station with it being a four-minute walk or so to the Craft Beer Live event.

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Steve & Margaret Coop May 26, 2017 - 12:59 pm

Hi Rob, my name is Steve Coop and we are just ending four weeks around Japan. I run the TNQ (Tropical North Queensland) Beer Awards in Palm Cove outside Cairns. We have five boutique breweries in our area and a few more close by. I would love to catch and see how you run your show. We (wife Margaret) are staying Dormy Inn Express Namba on the 28th and arrive Osaka that morning. We will dump bags and join the serious work of testing your brews. I hope we can have a chat?

Steve & Margaret Coop May 26, 2017 - 1:12 pm

Hi Rob, me again. Wires crossed, we are staying Hotel IL Cuore Namba. Other is Himeji… Steve Coop

Joe Robson May 29, 2017 - 11:08 am

Hi Steve, Joe here. Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Japan!

We actually don’t have anything to do with Craft Beer Live- we just put the information up on our site. We are based in Tokyo as well so we won’t be able to come down to see you, I’m afraid! How was the festival?


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