Craft Beer Kyoto Festa 2017

Craft Beer Kyoto Festa

Craft Beer Kyoto Festa

Kyoto’s best, well in our opinion, craft beer festival takes place on Sunday 14th May and it looks bigger than ever this year. The Craft Beer Festa Kyoto was first started by those lovely people over at Yamaoka Sake Shop and they have managed to outdo themselves this year to get even more breweries to come along. The only problem is that it is only a one-day festival so you better drink quickly if you want to try everything at the Craft Beer Festa Kyoto.

Tickets for Craft Beer Festa Kyoto can be bought in advance for ¥2,000 which will get you six beer tickets, and went on sale April 1st, or if you want to buy a beer on the day it will cost ¥400. Buying the advance ticket will not get you a special glass, though one can be bought for ¥400 and is 240ml. The festival is from 12:00 ~ 18:00 with tickets and glass available from midday on the day as well, weather permitting so best check in advance as rainy season is coming.

As mentioned, Craft Beer Festa Kyoto have done a great job in getting an excellent line up with the breweries below all attending:


  • Kizakura
  • Kinshimasamune
  • Kyoto Shuzen Kaido Beer
  • Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery
  • Kyoto Brewing Company


  • Nagahama Roman Beer
  • Minoh Beer (Osaka)
  • Kuninocho (Osaka)
  • Marca (Osaka)
  • Heiwa Craft (Osaka)
  • Nagisa Beer (Wagayama)
  • Konishi Beer (Hyogo)
  • Rokko Beer (Hyogo)
  • Zigzag Brewery (Hyogo)
  • Akashi Brewery (Hyogo)

Tohoku / Kanto


Chukoku / Shikoku


Craft Beer Festa Kyoto 2016 Details

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get Tickets For Craft Beer Festa Kyoto

Tickets for Craft Beer Festa Kyoto can be bought from these places in advance

Moreover, tickets can also be bought at these bars in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo listed here (in Japanese) such as Bungalow and Beer Cafe Bakujun.

How to Get to Craft Beer Festa Kyoto

Craft Beer Festa Kyoto is based on Kyoyo’s Sanjo shopping street and it reached from JR Nijo station, Hankyu Omiya, or on Kyoto’s underground Nijojomae station, as shown below.

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