Maruho Saketen in Nishi-ku, Osaka

Maruho Saketen

It’s becoming harder and harder to find online stores that have more than a few kinds of domestic craft beer in stock but Maruho Saketen, a shop that has its front on Raketen – I hear the groan among you – offers some variety.

Maruho Saketen Choice

Some variety in stock.

Maruho Saketen has a decent range of the main craft beer breweries in Japan, with 20 different breweries on sale. However, they tend not to stock any limited edition or special edition beers in. If you’re looking for some regular beers from the breweries, then you’ll be fine with Maruho Saketen, though don’t expect too many surprises with any of the beers. They also offer some variety sets as well, if you’re looking for a style of beer to try, such as IPA or Pale Ale.

Shipping is quite reasonable, with anywhere in Chubu, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and the Kanto area costing ¥650, the Tohoku areas costing ¥950, Hokkaido at ¥1200, and Okinawa at ¥2000. If you want your beers delivered cold, then add on ¥220 to that cost.

The ordering process is simple enough on Rakuten though their main store requires you to sign up to a membership. In terms of payment, all credit cards are accepted, as well as bank transfers, and also the much needed cash-on-delivery is present as well. It does require you though to either be able to understand Japanese or have some online translation tool to help you out.

Maruho Saketen also has a bricks and mortar stores in Osaka too in Dome-mae station. The store itself has more choices than the online version as well.

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