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Gunma Tsumabru IPA by Tsumagoi Kogen Brewery

by Rob
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Gunma Tsumabru IPA is a 6% American IPA from Tsumagoi Kogen Brewery, based in Gunma. It’s one of the few bottled beers they make and sell outside of the brewery, with the majority being canned instead. At the time of writing, I’ve only come across Gunma Tsumabru IPA once off site of the brewery, which just so happens to be this beer.

Gunma Tsumabru IPA

Strong grapefruit with caramel. Not bad really.

Gunma Tsumabru IPA Aroma and Taste

Another random pick from a shop lands on the review table today – I don’t know why I picked this up, but I guess as there was no information about it online meant it was either:

  1. Brand new and nobody had tried it or
  2. Terrible and nobody had wanted to try it and write about it.

But you know what? This is going to be a positive review. Gunma Tsumabru IPA poured a hazy golden copper colour with a meagre amount of head on to. The aroma though smelt of grapefruits and lemons along with a tad of caramel also thrown in as well. There wasn’t any off aromas either – something I’ve been weary about after drinking some godawful beers from unknown breweries in Japan. There was a slight resiny aroma too once it had warmed up but it definitely had the aroma of a solid American IPA.

And surprisingly, Gunma Tsumabru IPA actually tasted nice as well. Not blow your head off impressive IPA nice but it was drinkable and I did want to finish drinking it. It had a mild bitterness that lingered with some hints of citrus fruits – grapefruits and a bit of lemon thrown in. And the malts were strong enough to punch through the bitterness to provide some balance to the hops. Gunma Tsumabru IPA was also refreshing enough and crisp enough to make me drink more. It all finished off with the prototypical American IPA flourish – bitter and citrusy.


Gunma Tsumabru IPA The Bottom Line

Gunma Tsumabru IPA is not going to blow your mind but it’s a solid made IPA and I would drink again.

Where to Buy Gunma Tsumabru IPA

Gunma Tsumabru IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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