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Niigata European Kolsch by Niigata Beer

by BeerTengoku Writer
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Niigata European Kolsch, from Niigata Beer, is a 100% natural bottle conditioned beer so there may be some sediment at the bottom of that bottle. But don’t be afraid! It can be drunk. I think. Don’t try it though and get sick then go blaming us. It is brewed using a traditional kölsch recipe from Cologne, Germany.

Niigata European Kolsch

Some faint brown sediment in the bottom won’t harm you. I think.

Niigata European Kolsch Aroma and Taste

Remember how I said that there might be some sediment at the bottom of the glass? Well, I truly screwed up the pour and was left with a large amount of brown silt, sediment, particles, or crap, at the bottom of my glass. It floated around for a bit, but by that time, the head on Niigata European Kolsch was minimal, barely even leaving a ring around the edge of the glass. The body was a deep orange colour once the sediment had settled down and a pleasant aroma of hops and fruits emanated upwards. There was a wee dab of malt in there too but lacked punch though.

Avoiding the sediment proved challenging. I thought about getting a spoon and dragging the bottom of Niigata European Kolsch to get it out but I sipped on it instead. It is a mild beer, with a small amount of bitterness but the hops are the main item on show here. There was also some sweetness in the body too that helped Niigata European Kolsch go down.

Niigata European Kolsch One Line Review

Niigata European Kolsch is a good kölsch worth trying but don’t expect it to set your taste buds to explode with excitement.


Where to Buy Niigata European Kolsch

Niigata European Kolsch can be bought from the Niigata Beer online store here. We got out bottle as part of a set from Kishimoto here.

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