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Tazawako Kohan no Mori Beer

Tazawako no Kohan Mori Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Akita, Japan. The brewery is located on the coast of Lake Tazawa, or Tazawako in Japanese, and opened in June 1999. The brewery is an off-shoot of the Orae Restaurant, with the name “Orae” being part of the local dialect in Akita that means “my house”, which has …


Tazawako Beer Information

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Tazawako Beer is a brewery located in Akita prefecture, Japan and was founded in 1997, three years after the relaxation of the alcohol production laws in 1994. Like other breweries at the time, Tazawako Beer has its roots in the local community looking to expand its fortunes and came after the development of an onsen village and also Tazawako art village as …

Aqula Beer Information

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Aqula Beer, written as あくらビール in Japanese, is a craft beer brewery located in Akita city, in Akita prefecture, Tohoku. It opened in 1997 under the stewardship of a German brewer, whose name has been lost, though current head brewer Hasegawa-san, has been head brewer at Aqula since 2007. The original beers from Aqula Beer were based on German styles, …