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Doppo White Chocolate by Miyashita Shuzo

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Doppo White Chocolate is Miyashita Shuzo’s effort for Christmas festivities and is a 5% golden ale that is on sale all year round it seems, alongside its Valentine’s cousin, Doppo Chocolate Beer. It is made with cocoa extract and orange peel in the mash to bring out the chocolate flavour though why it isn’t advertised for White Day is lost on me though a welcome change from the plethora of porters that go on sale.

Doppo White Chocolate

A beer for Christmas. Though we say a perfect idea for White Day.

Doppo White Chocolate Aroma and Taste

Let’s get this out of the way – Doppo White Chocolate REALLY should have been labelled for White Day as when I bought it, it was surrounded by chocolates, cakes, and more chocolate though the Miyashita Shuzo listing states it is for Christmas.

Doppo White Chocolate poured out a light golden colour with a bright white fluffy head though disappointingly, it didn’t last very long before dissipating into the body. White chocolate plays a huge part on the labelling of this beer, and it was no surprise that the chocolate aroma was the main part coming through. It was unnervingly strong, almost as if someone had dumped some liquid white chocolate aroma into the beer during the fermentation stage and said “voila! Here is the beer”. It became a bit sickly and overpowering in the end.

Drinking Doppo White Chocolate is a confusing experience. It’s a golden ale, so I had hoped for some bitterness but nothing came through. The chocolate taste was again prevalent, again not in a nice way, and made the beer sickly sweet – a cross between a pilsner with liquid white chocolate. The lack of depth to Doppo White Chocolate just meant the same repeated flavours over and over and over and over….


Doppo White Chocolate One Line Review

I will not be giving this to my loved one for White day or Christmas day. A sure fire way to end a relationship.

Where to Buy Doppo White Chocolate

Doppo White Chocolate can be bought from the Miyashita Shuzo online store here. It can also be bought from World Beer Market here. I have also seen it on my travels at Le Collier.

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