Kawaba Premium IPA by Kawaba Beer Company

Kawaba Premium IPA

Kawaba Premium IPA is an 8% double IPA from Kawaba Beer Company, based in Gunma, Japan. It is part of their all-year round lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap at various places across Japan. Despite Kawaba Premium IPA being a double IPA, Kawaba Beer have not announced what hops or malt went into making it. …

Kawaba Red Ale by Kawaba Beer

Kawaba Red Ale

Kawaba Red Ale is a 5% amber ale from Kawaba Beer, based in Gunma prefecture. It is also sold as Kawaba Sunrise Ale though Kawaba Red Ale seems to be the main one in the Kawabe Beer lineup. It’s brewed using German hops and malts in the brewing process and locally sourced water from the Kawaba area, which is predominantly soft water. Kawaba …


Kawaba Weizen by Kawaba Beer

Kawaba Weizen

Kawaba Weizen is a German hefeweizen beer from Kawaba Beer, based in Gunma. It can also be found under the brand Kawaba Snow Weizen. It’s on sale year round and has an abv of 5%. Kawaba Weizen Aroma and Taste The first thing I noticed with Kawaba Weizen is that it appeared to be a reasonably clear golden straw colour – unusual …