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Sagamiya Liquor Store in Kamakura

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While wandering Komachi-dori trying to find craft beer bars in Kamakura, we came across Sagamiya Bottle Shop about two-thirds of the way up the street. It was getting late and Joe and myself were getting thirsty – walking is hard work, you know – and we stopped in to pick up some beer.

Sagami-ya Shop

Walk in to the Aladdin’s cave of Kanagawa craft beer.

Sagamiya stocks nihonshu / sake as well as some spirits though it was the beer we were most interested in. While the range of beers may not be as varied across Japan as other stores, there were plenty of craft beers from Kanagawa, such as Shonan Beer, Sankt Gallen, and Kamakura Beer along with craft beer from further afield with Niigata Beer and Hitachino Nest.

Sagami-ya Beer 1
Kamakura Beer along with Hitachino Nest
Sagami-ya Beer 2
Niigata Beer along with some limited edition Enoshima Beer from Niigata.
Sagami-ya Beer 3
Shonan Beer along with Sankt Gallen Beers.

All of the regular Shonan Beer range was on sale plus some of the limited editions, and the Sankt Gallen range included the sweet stout range along with the fruits series, such as the Sankt Gallen Sakura beer. Moreover, all of the Niigata Beer were also on sale too. We also spotted some Hitachino Nest beers though the range was more limited than the others. The Kamakura Beer selection was also the full range of beers besides the Locosuka Beer.

Sagamiya also had some sets of beers on sale from both Shonan Beer and Sankt Gallen though it seemed that was more of the beer companies’ decision than letting the customer decide.


Sagamiya Details

Open: Daily 10:00 ~ 18:30

Closed: Tuesdays

Phone: 0467-22-1613

Homepage (in Japanese): Sagamiya

How to Get to Sagamiya

You can get to Kamakura by either the JR Yokosuka line or the Enoden Line from Enoshima or Fujisawa. Sagamiya is then about a five minute walk up Komachi-dori.

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