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Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 by Nippon Craft Beer

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Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 is Nippon Craft Beer’s attempt at an annual beer, first released in 2015 at the Japan Brewer’s Cup in Yokohama. Like the other beers in their range, Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 is inspired by Tokyo and its surrounding areas, so the IBU of 77 must be from those twisted, bitter salary men that make the daily trek to and from Tokyo for work. I’ve only seen it in bottled form though I do suspect it will be on tap soon without the 2015 tag.

Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015

The first year that Far Yeast Tokyo IPA is brewed. Get it now, a collector’s beer soon.

Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 Aroma and Taste

Like any other (forced) annual beer, Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 is trying to make a stand in a crowded market, and trying to make it in the IPA market is tough. The label stands out with the skyline of Tokyo being represented from the SkyTree to Tokyo Tower, with Tokyo Dome in between.

Thankfully, it doesn’t pour out like the Sumida River else we’d probably have been choking on it. The deep reddish brown hue was topped with a frothy white head that left a thin ring around the top of it as it dissipated into the beer. Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 had a decent hoppy pungency to it with some citrus kick coming through too.

Drinking Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 though is a surreal experience in that it is an IPA yet some sweetness kicks in from perhaps the malts in the mix. While the bitterness is strongly present in the beer, it seemed that either:


1) Someone forget to wash the glass as there was a weird twang of lemon washing up liquid or

2) Someone had forgotten to wash the bottles properly as there was a weird twang of lemon up liquid.

And therein is the problem with Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015; that overriding lemon washing up liquid chemically taste. The bitterness could be as strong as it wants though the lemony punch in Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 felt artificial.

Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 One Line Review

Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 should be applauded as an attempt to try something new though needs refining if there are to be future iterations.

Where to Buy Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015

Far Yeast Tokyo IPA 2015 can be bought at the shops listed here on the Nippon Craft Beer homepage here.  I got my bottle from World Beer Market here.



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