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Inawashiro Golden Angel by Inawashiro Ji-Beer

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Inawashiro Golden Angel is a cross between two different kinds of malt; a pilsner malt and a deeply roasted caramel malt to produce a “unique” twist on a Dortmunder style beer, first brewed back in 2000. It is brewed using a mixture of these malts in the brewing process to produce a 5% beer that comes in nondescript bottles. The only way you would know Inawashiro Golden Angel is this beer is by looking at the label on the back.

Inawashiro Golden Angel

A blend between two different malts. Perhaps they should stick to one?

Inawashiro Golden Angel Aroma and Taste

The last time I drank Inawashiro Golden Angel was back in 2012 at a friend’s wedding in Bandai, Fukushima. My son and myself were not invited to the nijikai as kids weren’t allowed, well, perhaps he was but I wasn’t. Stuck for things to do, we walked around and found a small izakaya that had Inawashiro Golden Angel on tap. Needless to say, I had one before we headed back to the hotel though I wasn’t impressed with it at the time.

This time around, Inawashiro Golden Angel poured out much better than the draft version with a deep amber, verging on brown colour, though there wasn’t much life in the beer. The head was minimal and what there was of it didn’t last long. Of the two different kinds of malt going on, the caramel malt was far stronger in aroma than the pilsner, which didn’t seem to make much of an effort to be noticed.

However, drinking Inawashiro Golden Angel brought back some bad memories that I had once tried to forget. It had a weird buttery, ok, diacetyl flavour to it that was pretty unpleasant. As you can see, the bottle was well within the life best before date. The caramel malt flavour was slightly noticeable I guess but only because I was trying to get rid of the buttery flavour to it.


Inawashiro Golden Angel One Line Review

Inawashiro Golden Angel wasn’t easy drinking and I would be very weary of drinking this again unless it was fresh from the brewery.

Where to Buy Inawashiro Golden Angel

Inawashiro Golden Angel can be bought from the Inawashiro Ji-Beer online store here. We got our bottle from World Beer Market here.


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