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Kamakura Enoshima Beer by Kamakura Beer

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Kamakura Enoshima Beer is a kölsch style beer brewed for shops in the Enoshima area in Shonan; located about 50mins south from Tōkyō. Kamakura Enoshima Beer was first conceived from trying the local shirasu, a small white anchovy that is either served fresh or dried, found piled up on top of rice. It was also found to work well with other white fish found in sashimi.

Kamakura Enoshima Beer

A beer just for Enoshima and the local cuisine. Not turtles. Shirasu.

Kamakura Enoshima Beer Aroma and Taste

I have to admit being very skeptical of craft beers that are labelled for specific regions. They seem to come across as tourist traps for beer fans, “Look, we have a local beer brewed here. It’s nice. Honest.”

Kamakura Enoshima Beer had a hazy golden tan colour to the body with a frothy, bubbly head. It didn’t last long. Floral notes oozed from it though I was expecting something more citrusy from it.

Kamakura Enoshima Beer was a little disappointing though in the body. It was thicker than your usual kölsch and the malt flavours were more pronounced than in the nose. I would have liked the floral notes to carry though; however, it wasn’t to be. Kamakura Enoshima Beer finishes off a little grainy and a tad fruity but then it’s gone.


Kamakura Enoshima Beer One Line Review

Kamakura Enoshima Beer is ok I guess although the taste was a let down from the initial appearance of the beer.

Where to Buy Kamakura Enoshima Beer

Kamakura Enoshima Beer can be bought online at the Kamakura Beer online store here. Else, beer stores in the Enoshima area have it for sale, such as Queen’s Isetan at Fujisawa station.

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