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Romantic Village Kuro Beer by Romantic Village Beer

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Romantic Village Kuro Beer, sometimes called Romantic Village Kuro (Black) Beer is a schwarzbier style beer from Romantic Village Beer, also known as Utsunomiya Craft Beer. Confusing or what? Just pick a name and have done with it. It’s a 5% summer seasonal that is supposedly best served with the Romantic Village Pilsner as a black and tan, or half and half beer – I sense what they are trying to do here, some neat PR trick of doubling the sales and double the inerbriation.

Romantic Village Kuro Beer

Not a stout, nor a porter no matter what you think.

Romantic Village Kuro Beer Aroma and Taste

For some reason, I had it in my head that this was going to be a porter. I don’t know why, but I guess I have been trained to respond to seeing a black beer either being a stout or a porter in Japan. Schwarzbier, while nice, just are not that popular or common. I do like the schwarzbier style as, when done well, are a good cross between flavours and refreshingness of a smoked beer and a pilsner.

Romantic Village Kuro Beer poured out like I thought a porter would do: pitch black body with a tan head on top that was on the frothy side. I should have been paying more attention to it but like I said, I had it in my head that this was a porter. It was only when I got my nose in and the woody, smoked aroma mixed in with some chocolate kicked in that I realised I had something unusual on my hands.

All of the flavours mixed in together to produce an unusual concoction of tastes. Smokey yet buttery. Chocolate with some creaminess going on too that was more than likely linked in with the buttery taste too. With coffee flavours following up, I closed my eyes and pictured a cappuccino due to the lack of alcohol taste. The aftertaste was slightly bitter but the chocolate and coffee flavours made up for it.


Romantic Village Kuro Beer One Line Review

You know what, Romantic Village Kuro Beer is actually a decent beer and I was genuinely surprised. Recommended.

Where to Buy Romantic Village Kuro Beer

Romantic Village Kuro Beer can be bought from the following places:

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