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Harvestmoon Schwarz by Harvestmoon Brewery

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Harvestmoon Schwarz is brewed in Maihama, Chiba. If that sounds familiar well that’s because a certain big eared mouse lives in the near vicinity. Enough to drive anyone to drink. It is brewed in the traditional south German style of schwarz beers. At the time of writing, Harvestmoon Schwarz was only available in bottle form only.

Harvestmoon Schwarz

Schwarz beer is slowly making inwards into the Japanese craft beer scene.

Harvestmoon Schwarz Aroma and Taste

Harvestmoon Schwarz definitely lived, is that the right word to use for an inanimate object, up to its name as it’s blacker than black. If you need to tune in your T.V. to compensate for the black levels, then load this picture up and use it as a baseline. The smell coming off of Harvestmoon Schwarz reminded me of coffee and chocolate with a little bit of sweetness coming off too. The head was thin and off-white yet lingered.

Perhaps I’m lucky with my choice of beers but Harvestmoon Schwarz came up trumps in the taste stakes. Living in the land of pilsners, seeing a schwarz style beer piques my interest and Harvestmoon Schwarz pays off. The body is mildly carbonated, no need to burp here, but the coffee and roasted malts are well-balanced in the body. The dryness of the beer is unusual and may take some time to get used to, perhaps two beers worth, but bear with it.

Harvestmoon Schwarz One Line Review

I wasn’t expecting much from Harvestmoon Schwarz but I stand corrected and can wholeheartedly recommend drinking them. It. More than one. Argh. Plenty.


Where to Buy Harvestmoon Schwarz

Harvestmoon Schwarz can be bought as part of a set from the Harvestmoon Brewery online store here. Sakaya Okadaya also have a supply here. also sells Harvestmoon Brewery under the name of Ikspiari here.

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