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Woodmill Yawaragi IPA by Woodmill Brewery

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Woodmill Yawaragi IPA is a 5% English IPA from Woodmill Brewery, based in Kyoto, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found both in bottles and on tap and the name translates into “peace”, so a beer to calm everyone down.

Woodmill Yawaragi IPA・ウッドミル和らぎIPA

Woodmill Yawaragi IPA Aroma and Taste


Woodmill Yawaragi IPA poured out a deep copper brown colour with an amazing amount of fluffy greyish crud floating around in it. I knew Woodmill Yawaragi IPA was bottle conditioned, but it looks like someone left it to breed. There was so much in there that even with some careful geometric calculations, lots managed to get into the glass. The head was a slight off-white brown colour that was plump, but collapsed in on itself fast. If Woodmill Brewery were going for an American IPA, then they failed – dramatically. Woodmill Yawaragi IPA had a strong earthy aroma and distinct off-aroma of cardboard and butteriness – neither of which you want in an IPA, be it English or American.


If you’re drinking Woodmill Yawaragi IPA, make sure you put a filter on top so none of the yeast gunk gets into the beer. Noone wants that lumpy grey stuff stuck in their teeth. There wasn’t much worth pointing out with Woodmill Yawaragi IPA – a bit of caramel here, a slight earthy hoppy bitterness there, and a lingering butteriness just to bring it all together. Woodmill Yawaragi IPA was so bland and boring that it’s only the notes that help me remember I had drunk this beer. It finished off with a lingering paper flavour that took longer to leave than it did to arrive.

Woodmill Yawaragi IPA The Bottom Line

Woodmill Yawaragi IPA is a very forgettable IPA. Give it a miss and remember something else.

Where to Buy Woodmill Yawaragi IPA

Unknown at the time of writing.

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