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Harvestmoon Brewery Information

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Harvestmoon Brewery

Photo courtesy of Harvestmoon Brewery

Harvestmoon Brewery is a brewery based in Maihama, Chiba. If that place sounds familiar then you probably know it because of DisneyLand and DisneySea literally just round the corner from it. Ikspiari Town is a busy shopping area and Harvestmoon Brewery also have their own tasting room as well, called Roti’s House which houses the brewery. To confuse matters even more, the company that owns Disneyland also owns Roti’s House which owns Harvestmoon Brewery.

Harvestmoon Brewery Main Lineup

  • Harvestmoon Pale Ale – An English style pale ale brewed using hops and malt imported from the UK.
  • Harvestmoon Brown Ale – An American style brown ale brewed using imported hops from the USA.
  • Harvestmoon Schwarz – A German style beer that has won numerous awards around the world in its class.
  • Harvestmoon Pilsner – Brewed from a Czech recipe using Czech and German hops, this is another award-winning beer from Harvestmoon Brewery.
  • Harvestmoon Belgian Wheat – Typical Belgian wheat style beer but has the adjuncts of orange peel and coriander added during the brewing process.

Harvestmoon Brewery Seasonal Lineup

Harvestmoon Brewery has a wide and varied selection of beers throughout the year. Trying to keep up a list is not possible due to some of the batches being one offs rather than annual or seasonal brews.

Harvestmoon Brewery Details

Website (Japanese only): Brewery homepage


Online store (via Rakuten): Online store

Social Network: Facebook

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