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Baird Giebels Alt by Baird Brewing Company

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Baird Giebels Alt is part of Baird Beer’s special series and was brewed to celebrate the opening of their new Shuzenji Brewery in June 2014. Our bottle of Baird Giebels Alt was brewed just before the new brewery was opened and comes in a nondescript label, so you have to be careful to spot this one.

Baird Giebels Alt

Some of Baird Beer’s bottles could do with some flair on the labels.

Baird Giebels Alt Aroma and Taste

Baird Giebels Alt pours a thick tan-like colour that looks like someone has managed to dollop some of that mud coffee we used to make as kids into a glass and forgot to filter it out. This seems to carry over to the aroma, which is has an earthy aroma to it that blends well with some chocolate that got me thinking about Mississippi mud pie dessert. Strange word association game time.

Thankfully, drinking Baird Giebels Alt is more pleasurable than drinking those mud coffees I was forced to consume as a kid. The chocolate smells hides a caramel taste that isn’t strong but noticeable and has a fair level of maltiness to it as well. Baird Giebels Alt doesn’t stick in your throat and goes down fairly easily with a little bit of bitterness.

Baird Giebels Alt One-line Review

Baird Giebels Alt is a good altbier to try but I suspect it isn’t going to last long due to the brewing circumstances.


Where to Buy Baird Giebels Alt

Baird Giebels Alt can be found at some of the Taprooms Baird Beer operates, such as in Naka-meguro, Bashamichi, Harajuku, and the inaugral Numazu. BeerTengoku managed to get a bottle of this from goodbeer.jp here, but as of writing, they have sold out of their stock.

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