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Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen by Fujikankokaihatsu

by BeerTengoku Writer

Here we go with ANOTHER beer with a ridiculously long name, Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen. A cross between a black beer and a wheat beer, Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen is a 5.2% dunkel weizen brewed from a cross of seven different malts to produce this hybrid beer. It is also Fujikan’s latest beer with it being released in March 2014

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen

Another beer with a ridiculously long name to it.

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen Aroma and Taste

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen is incredibly lively. It produced such a massive amount of head that I had to suck it up else I risked losing some precious beer into the sink. The head was an off-white tinged with some black specks to it that hid the roasted malty chocolate smell that was tainted with bananas. Mmmmm, chocolate bananas. Back on topic, Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen definitely had the aroma of a schwarzbier and a weizen.

And the taste was also a good blend of the two styles. Is it a weizen? Is it a schwarzbier? MAKE YOUR MIND UP! Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen is both of these at the same time, but neither of them too. One minute, it tastes like a weizen; the bananas and clove coming through. Suddenly, just when you not paying attention, you’re hit with the schwarzbier end of the stick, with the roasted malts and chocolate. A pleasant aftertaste that finishes dry in the mouth and then you’re left wondering what you just drank.

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen One-line Review

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen is a one of a kind beer as I am yet to see a schwarz-weizen anywhere and is well worth trying to find.


Where to Buy Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen can be bought online at the following places:

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Mr. OK Jazz October 4, 2017 - 1:52 pm

What’s the main difference between a Schwarz Weizen and the Dunkel Weizen I usually drink from Weihanstephaner, just the roasted malts? the dunkel weizens are usually more brown than black…keep up the great work, your site is amazing!

Rob October 4, 2017 - 2:55 pm

Mr. OK Jazz,

Thanks for the comment and words of encouragement.
This and the Weihanstephaner Dunkelweizen have similar taste profiles but with this being labelled schwarz to stand out a bit more. I’ll go buy some more and try them side by side next time.


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