Ishigakijima Weizen by Ishigakijima Beer

Ishigakijima Weizen

Guys, guys, guys. I’m back, it’s been so long. I’m easing myself back into the ocean of Japanese craft beer with something of a gimme: a self-described “Ji-beer” from Ishigaki island in Okinawa. It’s a Weizen, although I’m willing to trust the label about as far as I can throw a delicious Okinawa Aguu pig (seriously, Aguu is the Kobe …

Inawashiro Brown Weizen by Inawashiro Ji-Beer

Inawashiro Brown Weizen

Inawashiro Brown Weizen follows up from the Inawashiro Weizen here by being a dunkelweizen, or a dark weizen, style beer. It’s a seasonal beer though only released in winter and generally found in bottle form. Inawashiro Brown Weizen has an abv of 5% and a very short shelf life. The bottle I got was received at the beginning of March 2015 …


Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen by Minamishinshu Beer Company

Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen

Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen was a present from a friend of ours to celebrate six months of BeerTengoku and has been eagerly awaited since it was given to us. Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen, as the name suggests, is a dark wheat beer style based on a German style of beer that is best drunk in Spring or Autumn. Minamishinshu Dunkel Weizen Aroma and …


Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen by Ryujin Shuzo

Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen

Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen is a dunkelweizen, aka a dark wheat beer, produced by Ryujin Shuzo out of Gunma, Japan. One of my friends picked this up for me on a recent onsen trip. Well, I say picked up. More like, “here’s a picture of a beer I’m drinking while you are at work!”. Ozeno Yukidoke Brown Weizen is also an …


Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen by Fujikankokaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen

Here we go with ANOTHER beer with a ridiculously long name, Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen. A cross between a black beer and a wheat beer, Fujizakura Heights Schwarz Weizen is a 5.2% dunkel weizen brewed from a cross of seven different malts to produce this hybrid beer. It is also Fujikan’s latest beer with it being released in March 2014 Fujizakura Heights …