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Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch by Karuizawa Brewery

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So another one from Karuizawa Brewery, with the Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch as part of the premium ale range. Available in can form only, Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch is priced at a premium price, like their other. Thankfully, it follows the German purity laws, unlike the others, and is made from hops and barley for this Kolsch aka Kölsch.

Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch

Another one from Karuizawa Beer. It’s hard to get excited by their beers.

Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch Aroma and Taste

Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch flies out of the can and is fairly lively. It produced a very foamy head that was light but lasted less time than those annoying cicadas before falling flat and lifeless. Perhaps because of it being trapped for such a long time, it has either been fermenting for longer as an astringent harshness came to my nose, the malt was not good.

Drinking Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch was marginally better, in that things really couldn’t get worse. It was slightly buttery, I could use the word diacetyl, but then that’s just a chemical. The malt was subtle but not as bad as the nose. There wasn’t much aftertaste to the beer and it went down quick. Or that could just have been me drinking it as quick as possible to move on to something else.

Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch One-line Review.

There is nothing good to recommend about Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch, so just avoid it.


Where to Buy Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch

If you REALLY want to buy Karuizawa Asama Kogen Kolsch then try their online listings for their beer here. Please, go buy something else instead. Please.

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