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Shiga Kogen IPA by Shiga Kogen

by BeerTengoku Writer
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Straight out of the gate I’m reminded of Aooni, the first beer I reviewed at BeerTengoku and my current “Beer of the Year By Which All Other Beers Are Judged.”

Shiga Kogen IPA
Shiga Kogen IPA. (Does not come with fan)
shiga kogen IPA harvest brew
Freshest hops makes the freshest flavour

Shiga Kogen IPA Aroma & Taste

Shiga Kogen IPA is a slightly darker colour, however; the golden hues seem to shift under the light, though that may be because this is the third review of the evening. The nose is subtler than Yo-Ho’s offering.

Though broadly similar, the taste is fruitier than Aooni, although it’s not quite as bitter and the aftertaste rests gently in your mouth instead of burning a hole in the wall with every breath. It’s also a whole percent weaker than Yo-Ho’s, so If you want to hide the fact that you’ve been drinking an IPA from your significant other, I’d choose this over Aooni.

I’d also ask why your significant other is so hung up on the types of beer you drink. Are they as much of a beer git as you are? If so, tell them to come to our site. Anyway. So. One day you find yourself at a somewhat improbable junction. Maybe in a supermarket. On the left, this beer. Right, Aooni. You ask yourself, how much IPA do I need in my life right now? If the answer isn’t “all of the IPA”, take the left path, and go in peace.


Shiga Kogen IPA One-Line Review

Shiga Kogen IPA is a slightly “less” Aooni. If you think Aooni is a bit too much, I forgive you. Go for Shiga Kogen’s fine offering, and maybe we can be friends further down the road.

Shiga Kogen IPA Second Opinion by Rob

Admittedly this is the Fresh Hop Harvest Brew version of Shiga Kogen IPA, it’s a bloody bitter IPA that could be the bastard offspring of the Shiga Kogen House IPA. It packs a punch of piney hops and bitterness. Saying that, I am going to source out a “regular” bottle of Shiga Kogen IPA to try out. The things I do for “science”

Where to Buy Shiga Kogen IPA

Shiga Kogen IPA can be bought a craftbeers.jp here or at Sakaya Okadaya

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