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Brewery Songbird

Brewery SongbirdBrewery Songbird, also known as Songbird Beer, is a Chiba based craft beer brewery, located in Kisarazu city, that opened in 2015. The owners, Kyohei and Monami Nakajima, received their license in April 2015 and have quickly established themselves as brewers of predominantly Belgian style craft beers, while also producing some other styles of European beers. Songbird Brewery beer’s can be bought and tried at their bottle shop and tasting room or bought online too.

Brewery Songbird Main Line up

Most of these beers can be bought from the online store.

  • Songbird Blonde – a 5% Belgian blonde beer that was their first release.
  • Songbird Golden Bitter – a 4.5% English best bitter style that uses English Maris Otter malt.
  • Songbird Brett Table Beer – a 4.5% sour beer brewed using three different strains of bacteria (Bruxellensis / Lambicus / Lactobacillus)

Brewery Songbird Seasonal Line Up

Songbird Brewery produces a variety of seasonal beers that come without labels on the front. Instead, they have a small tag and a handwritten label on the neck.



  • Songbird Wheat – a 4.2% English summer ale that uses plenty of wheat malt.
  • Songbird Summer Porter – a 4.5% portet style beer that is supposedly as good as drinking cold coffee.
  • Songbird Mikan Ginger – a 5.2% Belgian wheat fruit beer that contains Kisarazu oranges and locally sourced root ginger.


  • Songbird Smoked Mild – a 3.8% smoked beer that contains a light carbonation and smoked flavour.
  • Songbird Peaty Oyster Stout – a 6% oyster stout that is brewed using oyster shells sourced from Hokkaido.
  • Songbird Maltina – a 6.3% Belgian oud bruin style beer which, at the time of writing, isn’t easy to find.
  • Songbird Myltille Noir – a 5.5% dark saison that is also styled as a fruit beer. It is brewed using with blueberries.
  • Songbird Dark Lavender – a 4% Belgian ale that contains locally sourced lavender from Yana farm.
  • Songbird Hop no Kyoudai (Older brother) – a 5% amber ale that is brewed using Sladek and Kazbek hops from Czech Republic.
  • Songbird Hi no Nagori / Songbird The Remains of the Day – a 4% Southern English brown ale.


Brewery Songbird Details

Address: 〒292-0051 Chiba-ken, Kisarazu-shi, Kiyokawa 1-14-12


Online store:

Social network: Facebook

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