Minoh W-IPA by Minoh Beer

Minoh W-IPA

There’s really not much in the way of introduction for this one. Minoh W-IPA is a 9% Double IPA from Osaka’s lovely Minoh brewery. I have to say, though, that the Japanese use of “W” meaning “double” drives me up the fucking wall.

Minoh W-IPA Aroma and Taste

Minoh W-IPA pours completely opaquely, in yet another dick move that reminds me of my crappy homebrew brainfarts and makes me think I’ve got a bad bottle. Are the spirits of Christmas beers past come to torment me? Oh, begone! You’re nothing but a bad bit of cheese I ate before bed! I knew I shouldn’t have had that Danish Blue that was actually dripping!

Not much head or nose on this one, though it seemed like I should have turned it upside down beforehand as a lot of the malt had settled at the bottom and that really changed the flavour when it glolloped into the glass. I usually don’t drink the sediment because of the crippling heartburn but I was feeling brave (and start work at 6:00 tomorrow evening), so I gave it a swig and, well, here I a

Minoh W-IPA

Only kidding. I was actually driving when I wrote that and might have hit a cat (Also kidding). Anyway, Minoh W-IPA is as bitter as a middle-aged eikaiwa teacher. Those cascade hops. Damn. I actually coughed due to the bitterness while drinking this, and I’m a tough manly man who drinks neat whiskey without flinching even though mummy said it’d give me a sore tum-tum. The fact that it’s 9% isn’t lost on me, either- it melds well with the malt for a cosy warming feeling, and if you swish a mouthful around your gob for a few seconds it produces a curious spicy undertaste (new word copyright me, meaning as yet not entirely defined).

Minoh W-IPA One-Line Review

Minoh W-IPA is exactly as advertised, and indeed as imagined. Minoh can do no wrong in my eyes, apart from irritating me with that W.

Where to Buy Minoh W-IPA

Minoh W-IPA can be bought from the Minoh Beer online store here. Else, Sakaya Okdaya sell it here, GoodBeer here, CraftBeers here, and Le Collier in Tokyo Station here.

Minoh W-IPA Second Opinion

Some people may classify me as a hophead; sometimes the assault of a superhopped beer pleases me but I’m surprised how bitter Joe felt this beer was. I thought it was quite dry with a spicy undertaste and a mild amount of bitterness. But then I do drink paint stripper from time to time. Still, Minoh W-IPA is well worth drinking, especially if you can find it on tap.

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