Sankt Gallen Golden Ale by Sankt Gallen

One of Sankt Gallen’s regular range, the Sankt Gallen Golden Ale has won several awards; Bronze medal at the Japan and Asia beer cup in 2006, and Gold medal in 2005 at the International Beer Awards with the silver in 2007. It’s an American style ale with a low IBU. It is the most popular beer from the Sankt Gallen range.

Sankt Gallen Golden Ale

Golden brown, texture like sun.

Sankt Gallen Golden Ale Aroma and Taste

Sankt Gallen Golden Ale pours out a with a big bubbly head and a hazy golden colour with a slight citrus smell that wouldn’t be considered offensive.

It’s a light beer with very little bitterness that is usually associated with American pale ales. Sankt Gallen Golden Ale starts off with a sweet and fruity flavour, with hoppy aftertaste that gets stronger the more you drink. At 4.8%, this is a good session ale.

Sankt Gallen Golden Ale One-line review

A strong contender for a session beer due its well-balanced taste.

Where to Buy Sankt Gallen Golden Ale

Sankt Gallen Golden Ale can be bought online at various stores, such as Goodbeer,, or Sankt Gallen Online Store here.

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