Yokohama Ale by Yokohama Beer

Yokohama Bitter Ale

Trying to find information about beer can be fun but it can also be tiring. Translating from Japanese into English or trying to find correct information is the most tiring parts, and no beer so far has been more tiring than Yokohama Bitter Ale from Yokohama Beer. I think. It’s a 5.5% English pale ale that is a collaboration between Yokohama Beer …


Yokohama Belgian Wheat by Yokohama Beer

Yokohama Belgian Wheat

Yokohama Belgian Wheat is a tie up between Yokohama Beer and also Sogo Department store, located around the area of JR Yokohama station. It was first brewed in 2015 to celebrate 30 years of the Sogo Department store, once the largest department store in the world. Yokohama Beer already brew a weizen under a German influence so it’s a new beer in …

Yokohama Brewery Information

yokohama beer

Ever since foreigners first settled in Yokohama, it has been a place synonymous with beer. Beer was first brewed in Yamate in 1870, with the first brewery “Spring Valley Beer”, which has recently been brought back via the Kirin beer company. Yokohama Brewery was established in 1995 and is the largest craft beer producer in Yokohama. The brewery tries to use …


Yokohama Pale Ale by Yokohama Beer

Yokohama Pale Ale 横浜ペールエール

Yokohama Pale Ale is 5% American pale ale from Yokohama Beer that is advertised as having the aroma of hops and citrus. Part of Yokohama Beer’s main lineup, this can be readily found on tap in Yokohama, and some Tokyo bars, such as Craft Beer Market. Like the other Yokohama beers, Yokohama Pale Ale is charged at a premium price of around ¥500 …

Yokohama Weizen by Yokohama Beer

Yokohama Weizen

This 5.5% Weizen, brewed with 50% barley and 50% wheat, is one of the main beers of the Yokohama beer line up and can be found on tap and in bottle around the Kanto, in particular Yokohama, area of Japan. Yokohama Weizen Aroma and Taste Yokohama Weizen pours well, with a typical golden hazy body as to be expected from a …

Yokohama Bohemian Pilsner by Yokohama Brewery

Yokohama Bohemian Pilsner

Yokohama Bohemian Pilsner is a 5.5% Czech-style pilsner beer from Yokohama Brewery. Following the Czech influence, Yokohama Bohemian Pilsner is brewed with 100% Saaz hops and uses something called “three decoction mashing” or as the label puts it 3Decoction mashing, which is where during the decoction mashing part of the mash is boiled in a separate kettle. The boiled part is added …